What is the Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer – for a Real Gentlemen

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Not only many bearded dudes might want to keep their beard beat and good looking, especially for the ladies, but you also caught want to keep your bathroom nice and clean, especially to avoid any hair clogging your sink or to avoid your ladies friends see the remaining of your hair in your bathroom. For this kind of men, you might want to consider using a vacuum beard trimmer. Nope, trust us, we are not talking about using your moms’ or wives’ vacuum cleaner as a beard trimmer. Although maybe that could be a million dollar idea too, pairing a groomer kit with a house cleaning kit might be a good wedding gift.

Here, the vacuum we are talking about is a vacuum that can be used to both trim and suck the remaining hair that’s left after you trim your beard. For a man who is absolutely perfectionist, you might want to consider to get yourself a trimmer with the vacuum. So in short, yes, vacuum trimmer works the same way as a vacuum cleaner for your house in your beard. The vacuum can actually save a lot of your time, not only to catch the remaining hair on your beard but also keeps your bathroom clean and avoid clogging your sink.

In an effort to accomplish both goals, so you can trim your facial hair while still keeping your bathroom nice and clear, a lot of men might be looking for a high-quality beard and moustache trimmer that comes with vacuuming system. To catch the trimmed hair and clean it.

While it seems like the vacuum system gets all the job done for you and your beard of course, that doesn’t mean you can leave out all the cleaning to the machine though. Always remember to clean your vacuum chamber because if it’s full then you might not be able to clean thoroughly. Plus, don’t depend entirely on the vacuum as a vacuum only get to clean like 80% the remaining hair. You might not find a trimmer that can suck 100% of your hair but 80% is already a good number.

Also, bad news for the Duck Dynasty. Longer beard or any other kind of hair might not be vacuumed perfectly. So if you want a more perfect vacuum, just use the carpet vacuum anyway. When you’re choosing a trimmer with vacuum, you might want to choose the one with the stronger motor I stead. This due to the stronger the mother gets, the cleaner you might get.

Here are some of our recommendation on some of the best beard trimmer with the best vacuuming system. Mind you, we’re looking for a trimmer with a good vacuuming system. Some of the trimmers might not actually be the best trimmer you can get but it has a fine vacuuming system. But for your own satisfaction, we promise to look for the best beard trimmer which is fine on both vacuuming and trimming. And we only recommend trimmer from the best brand known in men’s grooming world.

Here we’re going to rate the trimmer from different sides. There is one that offers all the best quality of money you can buy. The other one is simply for the men who want everything to be simple and cheap. No extra money shall be blown only for a beard trimmer. And the last one if for power More power means better trimming and makes you feel even more manly.

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro, again, coming from one of the leading brands for men’s grooming product. Popular among users and fans of grooming, this trimmer is also the receiving overall good review. The vacuum system for this trimmer might be the best, also the main reason why many have chosen to purchase this product.

The vacuum system is designed to catch the majority of cut hairs thus reducing the time you need to clean up your bathroom and sink. For shorter hair, this trimmer’s vacuum works really perfect. Does it come cheap? Again might be not. But Philips also offers other varieties that are slightly less price but still offers the Philips quality.

Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Personal Groomer with Vacuum Feature

Yup, as always, talking about men’s grooming products is not enough without Remington offering the cheap version of whatever kinds of grooming products you want to purchase.

And what’s even more interesting is, this trimmer is a 4 in 1 trimmer that would help you to trim yourself from head to toe. Yes, this product offers you grooming for your moustache, beard, even head another that needs grooming up to down south.

So how about the vacuuming system?

This personal groomer is equipped with a vacuuming system that is designed to catch the remaining clipped hair. With the removable pocket, you can easily empty the pocket and get rid of the hair that it catches.

The satisfaction toward the trimming itself may vary but more and more users have given a good review of the vacuuming system.

Wahl Senior vacuum

If you’re looking for quality and technology, then Philips is your main man. If you’re looking for something cheap, simple and quick. Remington would always be remembered for that.

So why Wahl? What does it offer?

As usual. More power. Wahl is the jock of all trimmers. So does it do the same to the power of the vacuum?

First thing first, Wahl’s offers a different vacuuming feature. Come with a hose that, yes bear with me, can be connected to an actual vacuum cleaner. As we’ve told you, when it comes to strength, Wahl would only prefer the strong gest even if it seems weird and a little bit extreme.

But more power sometimes means less flexibility. This tri.mer is cord use only and come on, do you really carry a vacuum cleaner wherever you go?  Twice or even thrice the power of norm trimmer might sound like a good idea but sometimes it’s just isn’t. Plus, the trimmer is heavier than another normal trimmer.