Best Essential Oil Brands for Your Beautiful Skin

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We all know these wonderful essential oils. Just little drops of it and you’re gonna do wonder for your skin. In this article, we will talk about the best essential oil brands for your beautiful skin and finding out the various fragrance of these babies.

What are Essential Oils?

For all of you who might be a little confused about what exactly this wonderful liquid is (I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but we just have to know what that is for sure, right?), we will find it out: now!

Essential oils are naturally occurring, a volatile fragrance that is found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flower, and other parts of plants. It can be both beautiful and powerful fragrance. Essential oils have many benefits for a long time ago and it has been used in various industry.

You could use essential oils for enhancing your good night sleep, relaxation, more peaceful and calmful environment, etc. Mix it up with your beauty product and you will make your skin even more fabulous. Yes, these little oils are drops of miracles for our lives.

Various Fragrance of Essential Oils

There are many fragrances that you could find, both in natural occurrence or those which are sold in markets. They are all usually very easy to find and has tremendous benefits. Let’s talk about the best and most popular benefits of essential oils fragrances that you could find nowadays!

1.    Lavender Essential Oils. You might not know it before, but lavender essential oils are actually very good for you and your healings. Some of the benefits you can reap for consuming this essential are toxic protection (yes, this essential oil can act as your protection), diabetes treatment, improves mood and support brain, heal burns and cuts, cure headache and insomnia, and many others.

Rosemary herb flower and leaf sprig with aromatherapy essential oil glass bottle, isolated over white background.

2.    Rosemary. Rosemary essential oils could promote hair growth faster, improve memory, liver detoxifications and gallbladder function, and lower cortisol (stress hormones).

3.    Sage essential oils are very beneficial for your body. It acts as antifungal, antioxidants, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, helping your digestive system, disinfectants, laxative, etc.

4.    Tea tree. Some traditional uses of tea tree essential oils are acne, bacterial infections, cold sores, chicken pox, congestion, fungal infections, head lice, dry cuticles, bad breath, and many others.

5.    Cedarwood. Some of the most common benefits of cedar wood are: improving wisdom and focus, promotes hair growth, has anti-inflammatory agents, strengthen gums, reduces skin irritations, repels bugs, cure acne, and various others.

The Best Essential Oil Brands

There are various brands out there that are selling essential oils for you and your usage. All of these brands are different, from many qualities and perspectives. If you want to find the best essential oil brands for you, you could try and take a peep on these brands that have been reviewed by essential oil heaven, a website dedicated for selling and informing the reader about essential oils.

1.    Young Living Essential Oils

When it comes to the best essential oil brands, these guys from Young Living Essential seems to be the real deal. They guarantee the young living therapeutic-grade standard, and this preserves the integrity and natural fragrance of essential oils.

They have their own botanical garden (a huge one, by the way) and they control every step of the way to make sure that they really are providing customers with the best essential oil brands. This is really impressive, because they have control to harvesting, farming, cultivating, and distilling many sources of their own farmer to then be sold ubiquitously.

2.    dōTERRA Essential Oils

This brand is another best essential oil brands in the market nowadays. Every single batch of dōTERRA Essential Oils is subjected to the CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade quality protocol. This is, of course, make sure that these babies are having all of those purity, consistency and potency from batch to batch.

3.    Edens Garden Essential Oils

The Eden Garden Essential Oils makes sure that they are one of the best essential oil brands out there by controlling the freshness and quality of their products by rotating stocks every two weeks. This is, of course, ensuring that every oil that we received is brand new and of a fresh batch.

4.    Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

This particular brand holds its rank on the best essential oil brands by proving it. They got few certifications and awards for essential oil brands such as non-GMO project certification and 2013 Best Green Business to Work in Oregon.

5.    Starwest Botanicals Essential Oils

This particular brand chooses to sell products that are having good quality, fresh, potent and will perform as it should be. The good thing about this brand is that the price of these babies is fairly affordable. You can buy starwest botanicals essential oils at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Can You Use All Brands of Essential Oils on Your Skin?

If you ever wondering about this question before, the perfect answer would be: yes you can!

Essential oils are very good liquid for your beauty routine. It promotes many benefits from making your skin softer and brighter to reducing wrinkles or performing some act of anti-ageing.

The good thing about these babies is: they do not accumulate.

They simply don’t accumulate in your body and just healing your skin, then pass on through. Very effective and efficient, right? This makes it okay for you to use different brands of essential oils over time. Of course, you need to know the art of buying the best essential oils and choose what brands are best for you and your skin.

Why do Essential Oils Smell Different from Different Brand?

If you are wondering about why essential oils smell different from a different brand, you are coming to the right place. Actually, you are experiencing the differences of the fragrances due to the variant of nature. There are many things that we can get from the quality, fragrance, and effects of essential oils.

Usually, the altitude of the plants, soil composition, temperature of the environment, time of the day the plant harvested, how long it has been sit in the field, pressure of the distillation tools, and the length of the distillation time is very important in making the fragrance be what it is in an essential oils. So there you go, essential oil from the same fragrance could smell different from another brand because there are many differences in the process of making it.