2019 Beard Trimmer Reviews

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Right now, we’re going to review some of the beard trimmers that come out in 2019. This 2019 beard trimmer review hopefully can help you to decide which beard trimmer that you need to purchase, depends on your need.

Here we only review beard trimmers that come out in 2019, not necessarily the best beard trimmer that you can get but still, they are new.

We would also review the pros and cons of these trimmers on 2019 beard trimmer reviews.

1.Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit Review

We are going to start our list by mentioning a trimmer coming from one of the best manufacturer and brand for men’s grooming product. the Philips Norelco. Philips started 2019 by launching its new product, a multifunction groomer, the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit.

An electric shaver that comes with a multi-attachment, so many that it becomes multifunction. Not only available for trimming your beard, but this grooming kit can also trim hairs on your body literally from top to toe. Coming with 6 attachments, electric trimmer, and an electric charger. Also, you will get 18 built in lengths settings that allow you to make a quick and easy adjustment before you trim your hair.

The best thing about this grooming kit is the long battery life. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the high-quality battery from Philips would give you a 60 minutes runtime after a full charge. You can use it either cord or cordless.

Notable Specifications

–    Rechargeable lithium ion that can be used up to 60 minutes.

–    Coming with 18 built length settings

–    Turbo boost fits for longer and thicker hair.

–    Includes individual beard, stubble and hair clipping combs.

–    Waterproof can be used for wet shaving and can be cleaned.

–    Affordable


Look at its stainless steel groomer body and you will agree with us that Wahl has given 2019 a new bad boy that will tame your naughty beard. Super powerful with Lithium 2.0 technology that will provide you up to four hours of runtime. And Wahl isn’t a Wahl if it doesn’t offer you more power than any other trimmer.

Run out of battery in the middle of your trimming? Charge your device for one minute and you will get an extra 3 minutes. This bad boy is a true all-purpose trimmer that allows you to cut trim shave and even detail your beards. Also, come with Wahl’s patented blade that allows you to groom from head to toe. Yes indeed this bad boy might feel heavier for you but that’s the point of its strength. You’re not going to break it if you accidentally drop it.

Wahl Lithium 9818 set comes with the groomer head, a detail shaver head, a rotary shaver head, six position guides, eight t-blade guides that go from 1 mm to 18 mm, as well as a comb, a brush, cleaning oil for the blades, and a travel pouch. It works best on shorter beard hair and stubble but can cut through longer hair as long as you go slow.


–    solid and strong. Doesn’t feel cheap.

–    Attachments can be attached or unattached easily.

–    Longer runtime.

–    The design perfectly to trim hard areas.

–    Plenty of attachments, suitable for various consumers needs.


–    Feels heavier.

–    Extra torque sometimes means extra noise.

–    Some have reported issues with the power switch.

3. Panasonic Milano All-In-One Trimmer Review

Many reviews have dubbed this product as Panasonic’s best trimmer and accepted by a lot of men from around the world.

We know that Panasonic almost never disappoints us with its product so what makes this one so special?

When it comes to price, this baby comes with rather an affordable price, enormously reliable, and of course, Willie you the precise style that you’re after. Coming with a razor that can be clean quickly and able to accelerate your shave and achieve precise cut at the same time.

The versatility of this trimmer has made it being dubbed as the most versatile razor in the market as you will be able to shave anywhere and anytime. You can use it dry or wet hair. There are 19 different settings to choose and to make the adjustment to suit your need is rather easy and simple. You just need to turn the dial near the top of the razor and choose the length settings that vary from 1 to 10mm.

Notable Specifications

–    Available with 19 different settings ranging from 10 to 10 millimetres.

–    Water drain makes the maintenance quick and easy.

–    Compatible with both dry and wet shaving.

–    Available with the cordless setting.

–    Comes with a charging stand

–    A single hour of charging delivers 50 minutes of trimming

–    Stainless-steel blades are designed to last


–    Might break easier.

–    Hard to trim under your nose


Andis is more common around professional barbers and has become favourite for years, as it’s known for its versatility and known as the best-corded beard trimmer as it comes with 8 feet cord.

The highlight for this T-Outliner is the T-Blade, which give you a wider blade and allows you to get a close and precise cutting. So precise that it is suitable for styling that you can create designs in your facial and head hair. This trimmer also offers a high-speed motor that provides a lot of power and allows you to trim yourself quickly. And if you think more power means more noise, you can Thank Heaven that this trimmer doesn’t have it. While it is powerful, this trimmer is quieter than the motors on other trimmers.

The blades are made from high-quality carbon steel, as they’re hardened for long life cutting.


–    Great for dry shaving

–    Sharp carbon blades made it great for outlining

–    The powerful motor is effective for heavy trimming

–    While it has more power, this trimmer is rather quiet.


–    It’s not cordless, it might get in the way sometimes.

–    It doesn’t come with attachments.

Here are our 2019 beard trimmer reviews. We hope this can help you to choose your trimmer in 2019.