Why Will We Get Headache For Sleeping Too Long (And How to Prevent it)

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We all know that sleeping is one important thing that every single human being need. Each one of us should know that good night sleep is really important to sustain our lives, as well as giving us the energy necessary to just do various activities we need to do. We might also know that the amount of good night sleep is varied for each person, ranged from 7 hours up until 9 hours per night (for people with the age of 16 until 84).

But is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Could sleeping too much actually be a boomerang and attacks us instead?

Well, the answer is: yes!

We could definitely have too much sleep and let me just tell you something: it is not all that healthy.

Why Do I Sleep For So Long?

Well, the answer to the question above is varied, it is completely depending on each person. The cause of sleeping so long (oversleeping) is also various. You could be depressed and as a result, sleeping too long. Or, you can also have this acute disease called hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia (or excessive sleeping) is a condition when a person is having trouble staying awake during the day. Usually, these persons are capable of falling asleep everywhere, at any time.

Why Do I Get a Headache For Sleeping Too Long?

Now let’s make one thing clear: when you are sleeping too long, you are not only getting a headache. Headache is actually just another symptom caused by the disturbance of your sleeping activities.

You could get headaches because of the quality of sleep you get (note: this is very different than the amount of sleeping you are getting), the incorrect position of the pillow below your head, your diet, etc.

The most often cause of you getting a headache for sleeping too long is usually because you have intervention in your sleep that is disturbing the completion of your sleep cycle. Getting a calm and peaceful environment for sleeping is actually very important to promote good night sleep.

When you are sleeping peacefully and calmly in an environment that is nice, you will get a good night sleep even if you are just sleeping for 5-6 hours.

Another cause of getting a headache for sleeping too long is because you are having a bad quality pillow, to begin with, and this causes your head to be dizzy. This is only an assumption, but it happens far more often than you think.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain and Headaches

If we are talking about pillows that are designed for our comfort in sleeping, we’re gonna encounter many choices from various brand. Let’s get to know some of it better.

1.    PharmeDoc Cooling Memory Foam

This is a pillow with cooling gel technology that can spread out heat to reduce turning at night. When you are decreasing unnecessary activities in your night sleep, you’re gonna bet that you are having much better sleep quality.

This curved contour pillow design straightening up your spine and it works wonder in reducing pressure on your neck to relieve your neck, shoulder, and even back pain.

You can get this baby on Amazon anytime, and enjoy its full benefits as soon as possible.

2.    Contour Sleep Memory

Sleeping more deeply and waking up with less pain and stiffness: this is the motto of this particular pillow. It has a therapeutic design that could make your pillow adapts your head, neck and shoulder. Of course, this could result in better sleep and comfort. You can even choose between the higher contour or the lower contour for the support that you like the best.

How to Prevent Headaches for Sleeping Too Long

Getting up feeling irritated and dizzy is never good for you or your body (your head, for this matter). You might feel like you want to change the usual routine in order to have better sleep every night.

If you really want to improve the quality of your sleep and prevent your sleep for sleeping too much, we have these important tips that you definitely need.

1.    Change your morning routine.

One of the best way to prevent yourself from oversleeping (and getting those irritating headaches tomorrow morning) is changing your morning routine. If you are that kind of person who loves hitting the snooze button on the alarm, you might wanna learn to keep it down. Hitting a snooze button is like an enemy of good night sleep. You will feel more tired when you hit it over and over again, making it much more effective for you and your days ahead to just get up once the alarm ring for once.

You can also try to make your morning routine consistent and positive, with visualization of a good day and affirmation that today is gonna be the best day.

Try to wake up without an alarm at all if you can. Your body has a natural alarm inside of you and when you are waking up automatically because of this natural alarm, the chance of you getting headaches from sleeping is decreasing immediately.

2.    Adjusting your behaviour before you go to bed

If you really want to wake up feeling empowered, try to sleep with a positive routine like turning off you’re electronic before sleeping and calm and relax at least an hour before you are going to bed.

You could try calm and relaxing activities such as reading a book or just having a nice, calming tea. Try to avoid electronic products as much as possible because this is what disturbs your sleep. You deserve to have the best sleep of your life.

3.    Adjusting your daily habit

Try to avoid caffeine hours before you are going to bed. Caffeine could do wonder for having an energetic day, but a good night sleep is not it.

Try to limit your daily intake of supplements and just try your best to slip your time with exercise. Exercising is really important for you and your sleep because it can promote various stimulant in your body, resulting in better and deeper sleep with much less chance of getting restless after you are waking up.

So those are the way to avoid getting a headache for too much sleep. If you find this article helpful, please share so that your friends, family, and loved ones could benefit off of it.